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Over the past year or so, whilst having groups around for gaming nights, my eldest son has taken an interest in what we are up to.  Gradually he has been learning how to play along in games such as Smash Up, Say Anything, Munchkin, and Castle Panic.  Occasionally he almost wins…almost, but not quite.

Well, last night I decided to teach him how to play Catan (using my awesomely cool Star Trek Catan set).  I set up the play area, went through the basics with him, explained the winning conditions, and then proceeded to play.

Suffice to say, my 11 year old son absolutely destroyed me at the game.  He didn’t just win, but reached the requisite ten victory points by way of a huge longest route, domination of a couple of key resource areas, and a sly ‘extra point’ card up his sleeve.  I was lagging behind on 4 points!

Suffice to say, he is in smug mode at the moment, and is relishing the prospect of taking me down again next time!  I seriously need to up my game!

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